Personal Info
Age: 32 - April 13, 1974
Name: Petrina Bryant
Location: Raleigh, by way of Riegelwood / Wilmington
Occupation: Struggling Poet
Favorite Poet: Any one who can bless the mic is my favorite... Much Love to ...Will Da Real One








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A LL ABOARD. Those are two words that come to mind when you hear the name, Trin-A-Thoughtz. She will take you on a lyrical journey exploring different parts of her mind while leaving you mesmerized with messages you won't ever forget. She can not or will not be boxed in as just another poet. "Instead call me a JUST ENOUGH POET. I want to give you just enough knowledge, just enough substance and just enough thought." Serving you a buffet of poetry but leaving room for more, Thoughtz will feed your soul. You won't become TOO FULL off of poetry, but you will have JUST ENOUGH.

When she steps on the stage, SHE WILL BE REMEMBERED. Some have felt the gentleness of her poetic expressions and compared her to a modern day Maya Angeleou. While others may have felt the wrath of her bite and named her the Millie Jackson of Poetry. " I just laugh, because what people don't understand about me is that I will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get my point across. I TRAIN THOUGHTZ. That's what I do, That's all I do. And she does just that. She does not does not bite her tongue nor does she sugar coat anything. As stated by Thoughtz, "We live in a society where people need to quit tip-toeing around the harshness of reality and save our people lives. We are losing our youth & adults to the streets and I plan to help save them... ONE POEM AT A TIME.


Black Jewel
Ghetto Princess
Phenomenal Poet
The Melody Of A Rose


Tribes Magazine - Black Men Blog...
Millennium Managment & Entertainment
Mr. Africa, Inc. - Non-Profit Org for the Literary Arts.


McDonald's ... I'm Lovin It
Hutch Restaurants / Tony Starr Entertainment Production
McDonald's Restaurant
2801 Wake Forest Road
Raleigh, NC
(Each and Every Friday From 6-8 pm )

My New Spot Is:
Zydeco Downtown
208 Wolfe Street
Raleigh, NC 27601

The Love Jones Experience
Poetry Open Mic
Every Wednesday
Starting June 7, 2006
From 8-12...

Trin-A-Thoughtz is a community activist speaking out against a variety of topics which include....HIV/AIDS Awareness, Diabetes, Cancer, Infant Mortaity, Sickle Cell, Gang VIolence and more... You can see her commercial on rotation of UPN channel 28 as well as her broadcast on K97.5, The Light and Foxy 104...

MzThoughtz is also available for appearances, so feel free to use the following info:

Phone: 919-845-9858



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