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A little girl's body, Developed overnight
But her mind must catch up soon

Cause shadows lurk, They don't wait for dark
They appear in broad afternoon

Swinging those hips, From side to side
As you walk from the corner store

Licking an ice cream, Fellas awaiting
Leaning on their car door

It's summer time, Damn girl you're fine
As the music plays in your ear

Innocent child, Caught up in the moment
Cause things aren't what they appear

Could it be, He's talking to me,
Cheeks turn apple ripen red

Chills over your body, Butterflies in your stomach
Intrigued by all that he's said

He asked you for your number, Your name he don't remember
Too busy looking at your waist

Sweet Candy Girl, Wanna rock your world
As he licks his lips for a taste

You said Goodbye, Then walked away
Giving him a much better view

He made bets with the boys, About his new young toy
And how he's gonna put it to you

Staying at home, Sitting by the phone,
As you await his call

Pick you up in a few, Be there around two
Told your mom you're with your friends at the mall

Others tried to warn you but you wouldn't listen
They need to mind their business anyway

Said he'd show you the world , Told you you were his girl
And then he took your innocence away

Grew up too soon, Whispering late on the phone
Sneaking out when everyone's asleep

You see him the next day, He walks away
Turns his head and won't even speak

Written by Trin-A-Thoughtz

Trin-A-Thoughtz Poets Page