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Ghetto Princess

A beautiful face
An hourglass shape
Painted with caramel coated skin

Is now replaced
And damn what a waste
As she smiles with a toothless grin

Men would have given their life
To make you their wife
Young girl so sexy and fine

And now how you wish
As you suck that glass dish
You can turn back the hands of time

Every man's dream
High school prom queen
Many young girls admired

Now a crack head feen
Wanting to be clean
As you slipped into the devil's desire

You could go anywhere
And do anything
The world's next supermodel

Is now around the corner
In some back alley
Selling her soul for only 5 dollars

Wicked man's revenge... Devil's evil curse
Begging for that high
Please… I'll pay you back on the first

Walking through the door
At three o'clock AM
Your lover's wallet missing
Where the hell have you been?

You once had it all,
On top of the world
Could never do wrong
No, No…Not America's favorite girl

What happened to this princess?
Is society to blame?
A baby is now born,
Don't know the father's name

Whose child is this?
Hell, I don't know
I was out getting high,
Needing one last blow
Looking for a quick fix,
No matter what the cost?
Somewhere In The Ghetto…
A princess soul is lost

Written by Trin-A-Thoughtz

Trin-A-Thoughtz Poets Page