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Black Jewel

Mahogany man
Of deep dark skin
Black as the color of coal

With piercing eyes
Where secrets lies
The diamonds to your soul

The dirt of the earth
From which we came
Creator of us all

Deeply rooted
Built of strength
A cypress tree so tall

You're the color of oil
Earth's black gold
That warms us every night

You're the end of the day
When shadow's cast away
A majestic black panther in flight

Sculptured hips
Thick full lips
The dark clouds before the rain

You're the midnight sky
With cheeks so high
A smile can hide your pain

Feet like brass
Hair like wool
The image of God
His soldier

Hands so big
Back so wide
Because you carry the world on your shoulders

You're the son of a king
A nation I bring
Till there's nothing more to give

So to you black man
Please understand
It is because of you…


Written by Trin-A-Thoughtz

Trin-A-Thoughtz Poets Page